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Pictures from France

I happen to spend some of my holydays in such a country...
alps scuba diving (Port Cros)
All of you know and believe God created Earth in 7 days. Well, the week after he created France, because this country needed at least a week. On the first day, God shaped the country to His Image (well, His Face actually). The second day he created the beaches on the north and west so people will swim during summer. The third day, His ex-Wife told him the water was a bit cold; so he created the Cote d'Azur with warm beaches. On the fourth day, he created the Alps and the Pyrenees to help people in the first kilometers of the Babel tower. On the fifth he created flat landscape in the North (and decided later on I should born there) for those who didn't like to climb. On the sixth day he created Bretagne for those who wanted forever changing weather.

And on the seventh day, God admired his Creation. And he thought: "This country is way too beautiful. The other countries will be jealous." So he created the French.